Early Holiday Online Shopping

Early Holiday Online Shopping
October 13, 2020 synergyeleven
Synergy Eleven - Boca Raton Marketing Agency

Strength Your Digital Visibility & Win The Holidays


From as early as September, we’ve all seen the telltale signs of the holiday season approaching us, and not just with seeing inflatable Santas next to plastic jack-o-lanterns. As November approaches and the holidays begin to make their approach, it may be tempting to wait till November approaches to kick off a holiday advertising strategy, right? You’d be wrong on that part. Many companies have been planning out their holiday digital marketing strategies early in advance to get ahead of the competition. But why exactly? In this blog entry, we’ll be answering that.

As COVID cases continue to grow, people have been spending a lot more time indoors to flatten the curve. This influx of indoor activity means a lot more internet activity, meaning more online shopping. With the holiday season nearing, there’s no doubt that online shopping is going to go through the roof, especially with so many people indoors. Make sure that your brand is front and center as the season approaches, as people will be buying like crazy, and you need to get it in front of them ASAP.  People will also be shopping on different platforms, so make sure that your desktop site is just as developed and well-presented as your mobile site, which will allow your brand to optimize all incoming traffic. With all this talk of sales strategies and website optimization, however, don’t be afraid to pivot and change directions from time to time. There’s no doubt that the next few months will be unpredictable in terms of COVID cases, so don’t be afraid to make changes on the fly early. Keep note of just about all the possible flukes that could tear your marketing strategy apart (Further quarantine news, layoffs, algorithm changes, etc.) and learn to adapt.

This holiday season is proving to be fraught, no question. But with these helpful tips, your brand can get started on your holiday advertising strategy now before you get into the thick of it. Synergy Eleven’s Boynton Beach Marketing Agency team of digital experts is here to help your brand craft the perfect digital marketing strategy that best fits you and your brand, helping you prep for the holiday season with ease. Call us today to learn more about our services and how we can get your brand ready for the holidays.

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