8 reasons why people visits websites | Synergy Eleven

8 reasons why people visits websites | Synergy Eleven
June 11, 2020 synergyeleven

As a Digital Marketing Agency in South Florida, we tend to think in terms of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, keywords research, digital analytics, content development, and optimization of a website/landing page for better ranking.

Our end goal is to make websites faster and inclusive to assure an increase in traffic and leads.

But, we should never forget the basic and think not as a developer but as the client that is searching for your business and/or service. It’s good to take a step back from that and really consider the ins and outs of why people visit your specific website.

  1. They want to learn 

  2. They want to buy 

  3. They want to be entertained 

  4. They need information 

  5. They want to be inspired 

  6. They want to stay in touch 

  7. They want to feel connected 

  8. They are just bored 

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