Coming Up With Content (Part 2)

Coming Up With Content (Part 2)
March 31, 2020 synergyeleven
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At Synergy Eleven, we know exactly how frustrating it can be in keeping a consistent posting schedule for your social media accounts. Thankfully, we’re here to help once again. A while back, we posted a blog that provided two unique ideas that your brand can use when it comes to social media posting. Today, we’ll be returning to this topic and providing a few more ideas that you can use to keep your posts fresh and your followers entertained and engaged.


Looking to get out information to the public but tired of using the standard text format? Infographics are your best bet. Not only will you be able to show off information that one would do in a regular text post, but you’ll be doing so with the use of catchy visuals.

Going Live

Alongside the occasional video post, consider doing a live stream to your social channels as well. Livestreams are great for either launch events, press conferences, company accomplishments, announcements, or even those AMA’s that we brought up in our last blog entry. Popular social media channels that allow you to go live include YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.


Blog posts and article posts can be informative for your brand, allowing for company news, open job postings, and industry developments to be repurposed for social media. LinkedIn and Instagram are often the two popular choices to go with due to LinkedIn’s in-house articles and blog posts being a great way to expertise and provide updates on your company. Instagram, on the other hand, allows you to post the same content but with an appealing on-brand graphic. This can be done either through Instagram Stories or a regular post.

Product Photos

Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, your brand can find a new way to share creative photos of your products online. Make sure that any product photos you have and take fits in with your brand’s aesthetic.

These are just a few of the many ways your brand can post smart and stylishly. When it comes to proper advertising on social media platforms, Synergy Eleven can help lend your brand a hand in any way we can. We’re experienced in just about anything that has to do with digital marketing and can help integrate your brand’s presence into the online world. Until next time, have a pleasant day.


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