Instagram as a Networking Tool

Instagram as a Networking Tool
March 17, 2020 synergyeleven

For today’s blog entry, we return to the popular social media platform Instagram and provide more reasons why your business should invest and use it to your advantage. We’ve done two previous blog entries that gave some valuable reasons to consider investing in Instagram, but if you still aren’t convinced yet or are just looking for more tips to enhance your Instagram plan, this blog entry is just for you.


The main part of social media is simply put, to be social. Carrying the same functions that many other social media apps do, Instagram allows you to send messages, like, and comment towards other people, including other like-minded businesses or individuals who are interested in your brand. Use these features to your advantage and reach out to them with meaningful interactions. That way, if you ever get the chance to contact them outside of Instagram, you’ll already have a laid foundation and a fruitful opportunity right before you.

Attract Talent

When it comes to Instagram, people are always wanting to see what’s behind closed doors, with companies being no exception. Whenever someone considers wanting to work with or for a new company, they want to know what goes on behind company doors. Allowing behind the scenes moments on Instagram offers a great way for you to show off your company culture. On top of that, this rule can be applied to all forms of social media, not just Instagram, so keep that in mind as well!

Keeping Up with Your Competition

The short and skinny of social media platform presence is this: if you don’t have it, your competitors will most certainly have it. Without the right presence, you’re single-handedly giving your competitors the edge they need to nudge you off the search results bar. Learn from them, see what kind of content their posting and how you can apply that to your digital strategy on Instagram.

And there you have it, three more reasons and helpful ways as to why your business could benefit from using Instagram. When it comes to social media presence, no one knows this better than Synergy Eleven. Our team of certified experts can help get your company ahead of the game when it comes to social media marketing. Whether it’s specifically tailored posts for your target audience, to customized video marketing, Synergy Eleven has exactly what you need to take your brand to the top of the search results. Until next time and from all of us at Synergy Eleven, have a lovely day.

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