Why Is Instagram An Important Platform

Why Is Instagram An Important Platform
March 3, 2020 synergyeleven
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Instagram has evolved over the years. What once started as a simple photo-sharing app has now evolved to become a legitimate canvas for companies to advertise their brands. With more than 25 million Instagram business accounts and more than 7 billion dollars used for the sole purpose of Instagram advertising last year, it’s safe to say that brands are heavily investing themselves into using Instagram as a social media platform. While this is one truth, another truth stands: some companies, big and small, don’t find themselves attracted to Instagram. Most companies often say that they don’t have anything interesting to post. In today’s blog entry, we’ll be showing not only why this couldn’t be further from the truth, but why your business could benefit from getting on the ‘Gram.

Tagging and Selling Products

Ever since it’s Facebook integration a few years back, businesses have been able to share photos and videos on Instagram that will directly link to products that they’re selling. You can take advantage of this as well! Just make sure to create a product catalog from your business’s Facebook page, as that will be where Instagram pulls the product info from.

Tagging Your Business

Instagram allows a whole new level of interaction and reviews when it comes to customers. Alongside being able to tag you, customers will often share it on a personal story on their account, leading to other followers to see your page and even follow it!

Directing Back to Your Site

Alongside sharing products on your Instagram account, you can share infographics, blog posts, and a bevy of other things that you regularly would on your website. The best part? You can even drive traffic back to your site as well! Simply toggle sharing to Facebook or Twitter directly from Instagram or use a social dashboard that lets you post the same message to different social channels with a couple of clicks.
These are just a few reasons why your business should consider Instagram in terms of social media marketing. We have plenty of other tips lined up, but we hoped that this blog helped convince you to give the platform a try. Until next time and from all of us at Synergy Eleven, have a lovely day.

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