Google Updates

Google Updates
February 18, 2020 synergyeleven
Google Update Info

Many of you have probably experienced a change in your Google rankings, seeing fluctuations and wondering what happened! It was confirmed by Danny Sullivan that updates to the Google Search were made at the beginning of February, at the same time he clarifies that these updates were not “Core Updates”.

What does this mean?

Updates like this happen all the time and sometimes we can see changes in rankings with strange results like losing all your traffic then gaining it back up a couple of days or weeks later. Which brings us to our next point; what is a Core Algorithm Update? This kind of update is a major revamps and changes implementations to Google’s Algorithm. They can add or change how the search engine determines what users intend by their search keywords.  Knowing when these updates are happening is a crucial part of digital marketing, it allows you to adjust and move forward! If you have any questions on how to stay on top of your digital game give us a call at 561 736 7957, WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

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