Learning SEO Basics

Learning SEO Basics
February 11, 2020 synergyeleven
SEO terms

Traversing through the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) can be quite the scenario, especially if you’re just starting out with getting your brand out in the online world. Thankfully, when it comes to traversing that line from offline to online, Synergy Eleven can help you understand exactly what goes on with SEO related, and there’s no better place to start with than some familiar terms that you’ll come across when it comes to SEO. In today’s blog entry, we’ll be looking at just a few of these terms and how they can help you in the long run of your digital campaign.

Competition Tracking

Keeping track of your competition can help you in terms of your digital marketing strategy. Find out exactly what your competitors do, such as focusing on what keywords they use, how many they use, and the quality and quantity of content they use within their activity on their respective social media platform or website.

Finding what exactly your competition does will give you the upper hand when it comes to digital marketing planning. Just don’t copy them verbatim, as you’ll merely want it as inspiration.

Websites for Mobile Users

In the age of smartphones, people are always accessing popular web pages via their phone. No longer does someone have to use a computer to figure out where to commute or which restaurant to eat at, as you can access all of it within your smartphone. Make sure that your website is accessible via mobile platforms as well, as ensuring that will make a difference when future customers decide between you and your competition.

These are just two of the many terms that one can take note of in the world of SEO, and at Synergy Eleven, we can help your brand get properly integrated and realized within the internet. Contact us today to learn more about our digital strategy and until next time, have a good rest

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