The Importance of Good Reviews For Your Business

The Importance of Good Reviews For Your Business
February 4, 2020 synergyeleven
use reviews to get more clients

Reviews are more than just a showcase of your brand selling well and the pleased customers that find your product to be wonderful. For many, reviews will be the make or break scenario when it comes to gaining more customers. But why are they so important? Well, it’s simple: displaying reviews from others online will be the best way to encourage people to give your business a shot. Customer reviews are integral to any business. Those who choose not to have any form of customer input, let alone reviews, will often be passed over for those brands that are more transparent and pride themselves in their reputation. So, the question is as such: how does my business get more reviews? With this blog, we’ll be looking over how you can get more reviews through social media to better promote your business.

Enabling Reviews

The first (and rather obvious) step towards getting reviews is enabling reviews. Make sure to go through your respective social media pages setting to see if reviews are enabled. Once visitors can post recommendations on your page, you’ll start getting a rating that will appear in search results. You also have the moderation power to hide or delete any offensive or unrelated reviews/comments on your page. Be aware however that a page with no reviews or ratings at all raises some red flags for potential customers.

Reviews Interaction

It isn’t social media without the social aspect after all and interacting with your audience is key to making your brand approachable, sociable, and of course, reviewer friendly. Always interact with those who comment, post, or review your business on any of your social media platforms. Those responses let your customers know that you’re listening, making them more likely to interact in the future. It also shows that your brand is slowly becoming a rather interactive community, with both satisfied and dissatisfied customers alike. Regardless of the state of your customers, the important takeaway is to remain active within your brand.

Social Media Exclusives

For businesses just starting, getting customer feedback is key, and trying to get that first review can seem like a big endeavor. Try to offer exclusive incentives through your social media posts, encouraging customers not just to shop with you, but also leave feedback via review. Make sure to add something extra to it as well, say, a discount if they leave a review of your brand. With exclusive limited-time deals like this, people will be eager to follow your social media accounts, with the intent of purchasing your products and leaving a review. It’s a win-win scenario for both sides.

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes, allowing for plenty of opportunities to build your brand.  Reviews will offer plenty of feedback, be it positive, negative, or constructive, help build your brand into something that your audience will truly appreciate. While it may seem like a simple notion to allow reviews, this act shows that your business is willing to listen to those who purchased from you and can work towards making a better name for themselves. Besides, you might be surprised to hear what your customers have to say!

That’s all the time we have for today, but if you have any further questions about branding or reviews, contact Synergy Eleven today to learn more about our digital marketing services. Until next time, have a pleasant day.

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