Social Media Trends

Social Media Trends
January 9, 2020 synergyeleven
Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing has made quite an improvement over the last decade. As we enter the new decade that is the 2020’s, more and more people are realizing the importance of a strong social media marketing promotion strategy. We at Synergy Eleven are strong believers of having a strong following and attendance on social media and online in general, and we have just the tips that you can use to help boost your company’s brand and presence.

Live Streaming

Websites such as Twitch have dominated the market when it comes to live updates and connecting with those across the web, and with live streaming integrated across nearly all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram just to name a few. Live streaming is perfect to announce something big, such as a limited time offer, a special event, or something of equal caliber.

Interactive Content

Sure, regular posting and updates are fine an all, but if that’s your only go-to when it comes to interacting with your followers, it can get rather mundane. Currently, in the online world, it’s necessary now to post something a bit livelier, something that’s rather exciting and non-trivial. Quizzes, tests, and puzzles are just a few examples of how to gain traction online and appeal to your audience.

Show People

Back in the day, customers always grew curious to see how exactly a company functioned, wanting to see equipment, devices, or an office to get a good idea as to where they were and how they worked. Today, people are wanting to see the more human side of a company. Showing off pictures of your employees in presentable fashion shows your brand isn’t just dull and robotic, but lively and filled with plenty of personalities. 

These are just some of the many tips that you can follow to make this year your most profitable one yet in the online world. We’ll have plenty of other tips for you to follow over the year, and if you have any questions about how to further you or your company’s brand online, Synergy Eleven can do just that!

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