3AMS Assist, align, aim for better results

3AMS Assist, align, aim for better results
December 30, 2019 synergyeleven
Best Marketing Customer Service

We believe that we need to do things differently for our clients. We believe that customer service is not limited to the service industry, we believe in putting our clients first. That is why as part of our Synergy Package we always include “3AMS” Marketing and Technology Expert service.

As you have probably already experienced our team is always a phone call away and that is a commitment that we take very seriously. In case we cannot answer on the spot, we have a 24-hour call back policy customer service ticket numbers and unlike any other marketing agency there is no additional retainer fee.

Much like lawyers we are experts in our field and will be able to help you with anything technology, but unlike lawyers or other marketing agencies we are always there to answer your questions and not to charge you a fee per hour every time you call for help.

“Our Team Is Always Here To Help!”


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