Sword & Shield SEO

Sword & Shield SEO
December 29, 2019 synergyeleven
sword and shield SEO

This is a proprietary service where we use analytics to look at your top competitors and understand what the differences are and where they are having success in terms of keywords and other important factors to compete with them and improve your rankings

With all of the information that we have gathered about your competitors we can now help you improve all of the keywords that we use for every campaign going forward and really give you a competitive edge as you have strategies that will work instead of just spending money and not producing the desired number of calls.

We will begin by looking at the competitors that you are the most concerned about to help you understand where you stand and how you can beat them. Break down what are the most competitive keywords and where you have the most opportunity to capture your ideal client and even looking at their marketing expenditure.

The process is going to be repeated several times with other relevant competitor to then Break down all this information and analyze the data. Synergy Eleven will then build your SEO and complete marketing strategy with a better understanding of how to get more traffic for your industry and how much it will take to get to the top.


Competitor Analysis

Key Word Discovery

Budget and Investment

Marketing Strategy Analysis

Results Analytics

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