Product Placement

Product Placement
December 27, 2019 synergyeleven
Distribution broker product placement

This service is designed for companies outside and inside of the United States to help with the process of bringing a product to market. Our team has the capabilities to help your products enter the U.S, setup all logistical necessities and reach the appropriate buyers with the necessary marketing backup to give your brand a chance in such competitive market.  Synergy Eleven will build digital infrastructure that will allow you to reach customers directly to sell your products, while at the same time utilizing resources like Amazon.com by creating and managing your own store and getting you sales online.

The next step in the market penetration process is showing brick and mortar retailers that your brand has some traction not only in digital traffic but e-commerce and sales allowing your brand to become part of the planogram and eventually get some shelve space. Synergy Eleven will take care of all ongoing communication with account base and buyers at the regional and national level, as well as all vendor product submission forms.

Once the accounts are obtained, Synergy Eleven will help you manage the accounts by taking care of all order entry, shipping, inventory and any administrative responsibilities including invoicing.


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