Web Development

Web Development
December 26, 2019 synergyeleven
Web Development and Web Design

Web development starts by coding and programming the back end which enables the website functionality desired by our clients and the code SEO build. It then evolves to front end design that includes but it is not limited to UX | UI design which deals with the look and feel of the website and its identity, as well as custom made graphics, unique content, layout and more.

Synergy Eleven’s web designers are experienced, capable of composing high-end web solutions, applications, and even web portal development. Catering to tailor-made specifics for your industry, Synergy Eleven can develop just about any and every kind of platform you could ever want for your brand. Whatever you need developed, Synergy Eleven can make with ease and precision.



Content Writing


Integration to Software

Video Integration

Mobile Optimized | Responsive Site

Shopping Cart

Virtual Pay Feature

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Proper Embedded Code

UX & UI Development

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