GEO Fence Landing Pages

GEO Fence Landing Pages
December 25, 2019 synergyeleven
GEO Fence Landing Pages

As part of our Synergized Digital Marketing Plan we will build a landing page in one of the domains you currently own to direct traffic for a specific market and to launch the creation of funnels and active backlinks that will eventually give you premium placement in searches and that for the moment will serve as the front face while the main website is being built.

This will allow you to target specific markets that are more profitable for you and your business while building on you SEO strategy. Our team will be sure to understand your business and your preferred customer base to ensure we are targeting and capturing your favorite client!

Just in case you are wondering what GEO Fencing means. A GEO Fence is a digital perimeter or “fence” for a real-world geographic area. This “fence” could be generated as a radius around a center location such as your office. At Synergy Eleven we combine a GEO fence with your ideal demographics to deliver your message to the ideal market.


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