SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO – Search Engine Optimization
December 22, 2019 synergyeleven


We develop a solid SEO strategy to get you where you need to be. If you think of the SEO strategy as a road map, then our SEO service is where we start to drive. Like all road trips, despite the best-laid plans you sometimes must reassess your route and adjust.

We will execute your strategy and continue to refine as needed as we move forward. SEO isn’t something you do once, it takes constant tweaking and measuring to improve and retain rankings over time. With us, you’ll stay on top of how your competitors are performing in relation to your rankings and make any necessary technical and content changes to your website that will help improve your position.

Google changes its ranking algorithm regularly, so we keep on top of what’s new, regularly review your website to make sure none of Google’s changes will impact your rankings and if it does and refine the approach as needed.

Initial Setup

Setting Up Tools

We’ll make sure your analytics tools are set up properly and configured Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to measure what traffic is contributing to your sales conversion.

We use other valuable tools like Moz that provide information on where your links are coming from, competitive analysis, keyword research tools, brand monitoring, and more.

On-Page Optimization

Based on our audit, we’ll execute any necessary changes to your site which may include things like content edits, changing the title and meta description, updating your robots.txt and XML sitemap, using 301 redirects, and making usability tweaks to the design.

Link Building

This is where we engage with people to receive links. The goal is to get high quality vs. high volume links as Google penalizes sites that have too many low-quality links. How will we do this?

Engaging influencers associated with your brand, commenting on their blog articles, sharing their social media posts, and eventually sending them emails requesting links. Publishing high-quality, free content and posting it to social media. This is what’s known as link bait. It could be a free tool like a pricing calculator, an e-book, an in-depth guide on a topic that’s important to them and relevant to your brand, or a helpful infographics  Engaging and contributing to forums, groups, and other more targeted communities that are likely to share and blog about your content and Reaching out to the press and relevant bloggers for media coverage, interviews, and product reviews.

Measurement and Optimization

  • We’ll review Google Analytics and other metrics tools to make sure we’re staying on track with our goals.
  • We’ll perform ongoing keyword research and analyze your place in them.
  • We’ll uncover where you should be ranking and what traffic will drive the most revenue.
  • We’ll alter your website accordingly by building pages and content to rank for the most valuable keywords.

Measuring Results:

It’s important to understand that SEO takes time to see results, so you won’t see a major increase in traffic or revenue within the first month. However, good things do come to those who wait since with SEO the return on investment is high over time. Once you build SEO momentum the value lasts for a long time, unlike advertising that stops driving traffic as soon as you stop paying for ads.

Our goal is to increase your website traffic using the 5-10 targeted keywords we discovered during the audit, so you rank on the first page of Google within 3-4 months. When you do reach that ranking, we calculate the estimated amount of traffic you’ll receive combined with your current landing page conversion (which we’ll be improving over time as well) and we expect the minimum return you’ll see is at least quintupled.

In other words, after 4 months your site should be increasing your monthly revenue by $X,000 In other words, by the end of the year, you’ll see an increase in revenue by $X00,000 from our SEO efforts.

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