Steps to Create an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Steps to Create an Inbound Marketing Strategy
December 11, 2019 synergyeleven
Inbound Marketing

How To Build Brand & Identity:

For inbound marketing to be truly effective you must know who you are talking to. We’ll take what you already know, and bring some new insights, then combine them into several buyer personas. Buyer personas are fictitious people who represent an ideal client for your company. We’ll explore what makes them unique, and then craft all content around them.

Website Redesign

It’s critical to make sure your new design is built for success with inbound marketing. We’ll work with your designer to make sure that your new redesign will be aligned with your marketing goals. We recommend that the new design be built on WordPress since the HubSpot COS does not handle some of the specific needs that you have.

Compile 2 Offers for Initial Site Launch

We’ll take existing content that you have and repurpose it into two offers, one that will serve as a Top of Funnel offer, and the other as a Middle of Funnel. This will allow us to begin collecting leads immediately, while we work on new offers in the future months.

Create Editorial Calendar

In order to keep content flowing smoothly, we’ll create a collaborative editorial calendar that will keep all content creators on the same page.

The remainder of these activities will happen for Months 2-12

Weekly Consulting & Monthly Reporting

We’ll provide ongoing strategy and monthly reporting of our progress so you can feel confident that things are moving forward. We’ll provide this counsel through a weekly 1 to 1.5-hour phone call/web-meeting. We’ll also spend time helping you analyze your existing results, and strategizing for each next step, outside the time frames of these meetings.

HubSpot Management + Training & Support

We’ll handle all the details of running the HubSpot tool. But we’ll also show your team how to use all the tools, including workflows, list segmentation, landing pages, etc. Synergy Eleven’s goal is to serve as a partner over the next 12 months and not to operate separately from your company. We want you to know how the platform works, and how your employees can use it successfully. So, by the time our partnership ends your company will be able to continue your marketing efforts.

Weekly Keyword Analysis

We spend time researching what’s working, and what are potential opportunities for our ongoing inbound marketing efforts. We don’t write for search engines, but we do want to consider how people are phrasing their searches for our type of content.

Publish 2 Blog Posts Per Week

We’ll coordinate with your team to help produce two blog posts per week. Creating ongoing fresh content that is interesting to your target audience is key for inbound marketing success. There are several ways this content will be created.

For posts that are technical in nature, someone on your team will write the content and we’ll edit it for formatting, tone, and best practices for inbound success and handle publishing and promoting it.

For posts that are more common in nature, we can interview a member of your team and then write a post based on what we’ve learned. This procedure is much more time-effective for your team obviously.

For video posts, you can capture video around a particular topic, and we’ll edit the video into a short format clip that works well for inbound.

Promote Content

For each post and offer, we’ll handle promotion on Twitter and Facebook.

Email Marketing

Based on the strategies we create in our 12-Month Marketing Plan, we’ll help you execute all email marketing campaigns using HubSpot.

Create One New Offer Per Month

New offers create new leads, so we’ll need to continually create new content that your customers will want to read. We’ll coordinate with your team to produce one new offer each month using a similar production method for creating blog posts. Your team will provide the information and body of knowledge, and we’ll provide the expertise in formatting, layout, and delivery.

Create the Entire Lead Generation Sequence for Each Offer

An effective offer path means that we create calls-to-action, landing pages, the appropriate forms, thank-you pages, and follow-up emails that all work together.

On-Page SEO Monitoring

We’ll make sure that each page of content is optimized to get the most from organic search.

Sales CRM Guidance & Integration

In order to close the loop on our ROI reporting, we’ll help you select a CRM that your sales team can use. We’ll tie in the data between HubSpot and the CRM to help them actually close more sales from your online leads. By connecting HubSpot and your CRM, we’ll be able to report specific ROI on your marketing dollars.

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